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Ivan Zhezhera

Ivan Zhezhera

I joined Radio Ukraine International in August2011. I chose this job because I believe that in journalism every day is different from the previous one. It brings something new all the time, so you will never get bored in this occupation. I’m very fond of music. In fact I sing and play guitar. Another passion of mine is martial arts. In my viewpoint the most important professional qualities are creativity andobjectivity.           

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  • 20.08.2018 23:19:30
    - RUI

    А programme about Ukraine, its geography, spiritual, economic and day-to-day life. It covers the essence of a true story that reflects this country’s most interesting dates, personalities and locations.

    Всебічний аналіз визначного явища, події чи тенденції в економічному, соціальному або культурному житті України.

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