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Let the people sing

Established in 1966 now Let The Peoples Sing is a biennial international competition open to amateurs (non-professional) children, junior and adult choruses entered by their home radio organizations members of the EBU. The choruses are to perform musical pieces a capella. The competition’s main objective is to stimulate interest for music performed by amateur choruses.

Since the beginning of 2000s NRCU has been represented by: NRCU Big Children's choir, chorus Viva La Musica (charity foundation “Bayern Haus, Odessa”), Children’s choir “Siayvo” of Nizhyn Music School, Youth Choir of Boguslav Humanities College, Orthodox Church Choir “O chudese”, Youth choir "Svitych" of Nizhyn University.

NRCU's main achievement is  the third prize in the Youth choruses categoty awarded to the the Female Chorus of the Glier Kyiv music college (chorus master - Halyna Horbatenko) in 2005.