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Already fifteen cities in Lviv region take garbage from regional center

14.07.2017 р., 13:50

Already fifteen cities in Lviv oblast take on their landfills garbage from the regional center. This was informed by director of the department for development and operation of housing and communal services of the Lviv Regional State Administration Nazarii Romanchuk.

As head of the Lviv state regional administration Oleg Synyutka said,agreement with cities has been achieved thanks to hard work, meetings with community members. "It is necessary to listen to a lot of bitter words, people are afraid not only of ecological threat, but also of deception in relation to promises. Only after making sure that the regional authorities fulfill their obligations, they come to meet," the governor said. He noted that the problems of the city authorities with a lack of landing areas arose, first of all, because of reluctance to communicate with people.

It should be noted that the Government allocated UAH 50 million to Lviv for reclamation and landfill facilities. As noted at the session of the regional council, part of these funds will also be spent on support of settlements, which take Lviv debris.

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